Amneet Pal Singh Bhalla

I am a mechanical engineer by training who is interested in the development and application of computational methods for problems in biology and medicine. Specifically, I do numerical studies on the aquatic locomotion of fish to understand the hydrodynamics of swimming and movement control, transport behavior of particles in fluids in the presence of electrical field or chemical reactions,  bolus transport in esophagus and the related gastroesophagus reflux disease (GERD), and heart valve prostheses modeling to evaluate and improve upon their design. The biological applications that I consider involve fluid-structure interactions (FSI) at a range of Reynolds numbers, and as a result, a major part of my research is also focused on developing novel immersed boundary (IB) method algorithms and solver techniques.

I work with Prof. Boyce Griffith on extending the IB method for enabling new FSI applications in  IBAMR, a high quality open-source MPI-based C++ library that supports various flavors of the IB method.  I collaborate closely with  Prof. Neelesh Patankar and  Prof. Aleksandar Donev on various projects.